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Snapshopy was born out of sheer nostalgia, when a bunch of Malayali friends got together to discuss what they missed most about home. Having no business experience whatsoever, their aim was quite simple- to share the sweet reminiscence of home with fellow Malayalis . From seasonal and indigenous fruits such as rose apples, and java plums to irresistible lip-smacking snacks like Kozhikkodan halwa and banana chips; there is always so much we wish we could bring back from our holidays. And this is why Snapshopy exists. To bring you, a piece of Kerala. A taste of home. Established in 2019, Snapshopy today caters to a great deal of Malayali and wider Indian families residing in the UAE. We work with some of the most trusted local farmers in Kerala to bring you fresh home-grown produce, packaged and delivered to your doorstep in the best sustainable way possible. Explore our extensive catalogue to discover home away from home. Be it traditional cuisine, cookware, clothes, or whatever you may need to make your festive celebrations memorable; our team will not give up a chance to satisfy your longing for home. So, send in your requests and we will deliver in a snap. Snapshopy – bringing you the taste of home.


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A bunch of Malayali Engineering Classmates joined hands for the concept- Snapshopy.