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English Ivy Plant 50cm Length (Hanging Plant)Hedera Helix

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Hedera Helix, commonly known as English Ivy, is a vigorous, aggressive, fast-growing, woody evergreen perennial that is primarily grown as a climbing vine or trailing ground cover. When grown as a ground cover, shear off the tops of the plants in spring to rejuvenate the vines and discourage rodents. The foliage regrows quickly. English ivy seldom needs fertilizer, but if you don?t think your plants are growing as they should, spray them with half-strength liquid fertilizer.

The first thing you need to know about growing English ivy indoors is that it needs indirect bright light. Without enough light, ivy will become leggy, sickly, and prone to pests. Variegated ivies may lose their color variation if they don’t have enough light.
Approx 100cm in length, product colour/size may vary from picture. All plants are sold in nursery pots.


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